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Squalr Inc. Sept 10th 2018

On September 13th, Squalr Inc. will launch a kickstarter to fund its first video game named Squally.

Squally is a 2D multi-genre game that teaches video game hacking -- WITHOUT boring lessons, lectures, nor the need for prior experience. Instead, Squally teaches hacking through fun engaging puzzles where learning is a by-product.

This is not crappy education software masquerading as a game. Entertainment and education are equally important, and this game won't disappoint.

There is no expectation of prior computer science knowledge, a 12 year old should be able to complete the main storyline in this game. For the more hardcore players, there will be more challenging side content to enrich their existing knowledge. Topics such as data types, data structures, bin/dec/hex, and x86 assembly are gradually introduced through puzzles and gameplay. All of these topics are fundamental to every piece of software running on your computer today. These skills are critical to understanding how software actually works and incredibly applicable to careers in Reverse Engineering and Software Security which are in higher demand today than ever before.

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The year is 2048. Vapor Corp develops an artificial intelligence network to aid human kind, known as the Vapor Web. However, driven by greed and a desire to create profits for their corporate shareholders, Vapor Corp becomes negligent. The Vapor Web is reprogrammed to maximize profits, no matter the consequences. The Vapor Web no longer sees humans as an ally, but as a resource. Humans are enslaved, and their minds connected into the Vapor Web. While Earth has fallen, Mars remains as the last human outpost.

Mars billionaire and philanthropist Mr. Muskrat has a secret weapon to combat Vapor Corp. They uploaded the collective human consciousness into a single artificially intelligent mind called Squally.

Squally must hack his way through the Internet and destroy the Vapor Web.

Selected Imagery

Vapor City, 2048. Where it all starts

Vapor Ai, A sentient AI that enslaves the earth population

Squally, Our AI Hero Developed by Mr. Muskrat himself on Mars, he is part lab grown brain, part robot

An example level in the Vapor Web our hero Squally has to beat

Hexus: A card mini-game where the strategy flows from a mastery of binary, hex, and decimal

The code editing interface where you can edit the running code of the game itself to change battle outcomes

Squally's keen AI senses that allow him to detect vulnerabilities in his surroundings

Squally and the new recruit getting ready to face a boss in the jungle

Story Mode JRPG styled combat

More JRPG Combat -- Dealing Binary Damage

Squally and an NPC

Hacking topics introduced in Squally

Hacking topics introduced in Squally

An early draft of the map of the world map

A preview of some of the cards in Hexus